Big Impact Decor: 10 Entryway Ideas for Medium and Small Spaces

Whether you have a small entryway or a medium foyer space to work with, we’ve handpicked 10 stunning entryway ideas —from farmhouse to French country, coastal to contemporary—that prove style knows no size limits.
Read on and ignite your inner home decorator!

Entryways are not just about aesthetics, though! A well-designed entryway can make a lasting impression on your guests, but a practical and pretty entryway can make your daily routine easier while welcoming you home in style.

It’s the first glimpse of your unique style and hospitality, setting the scene for what lies beyond. So get ready to transform your space and make a big impact with these incredible entryway decor ideas! Let’s dive in!

Entryway Ideas: Interior Design Concepts to Consider

Before we dive into these Pinterest-worthy entryway ideas, let’s talk about some essential interior design concepts that’ll set the foundation for your entryway makeover. After all, great design starts with the basics!

The Rule of Three: 

Now, here’s a design secret that’s as easy as 1-2-3! The rule of three is a magical formula that helps achieve visual harmony in any space. Pick three decor elements for your entryway and arrange them artfully. It could be a trio of wall art, a cluster of small plants, or a set of decorative baskets. The power of three brings a charming rhythm to your entryway, making it more inviting and harmonious. Learn more about how to use the rule of three HERE.

Proportion and Scale: 

Crafting an entryway that feels harmonious and cohesive depends on a few things, proportion and scale being one of the most important ones.
It is essential to balance the size of furniture and the area it occupies when designing small spaces. A large, bulky cabinet might look awkward, but a dainty wall-mounted shelf could be a game-changer. Learn more about proportion and scale HERE.

Symmetry in Interior Design: 

Another great interior design concept is symmetry. Similarly to the rule of three, symmetry is a timeless darling in the interior design world as it streamlines spaces and elevates design compositions.
For small entryways, creating symmetrical arrangements can work wonders. Symmetry adds an elegant touch, making your small foyer feel balanced and oh-so-inviting. Learn more about symmetry in interior design HERE.

Entryway Ideas for Medium and Small Spaces

Artfully combining contemporary, boho, and traditional elements, this entryway is a great example for those with medium-sized spaces that need a little bit of warmth.
There’s a playful use of texture juxtaposition- like the rope bench against the navy half-paneled wall- along with different patterns and finishes that work together beautifully, resulting in a space that boasts style and practicality. 

This coastal-inspired entryway exemplifies timeless elegance with a luscious gallery wall of seaside landscapes, a large framed mirror, and a welcoming bamboo chair. The combination of old-world charm and coastal allure creates an inviting and sophisticated space, making it a perfect example of an entryway that leaves a lasting impression on every guest.

This chic entryway strikes a perfect balance of style and functionality. The large off-white console table with ample surface area holds keys and essentials, while the baroque-inspired mirror is perfect for a last-minute check-up.
The glass lamp and blueish-green floor vase add a colorful touch to this composition, making it irresistibly chic. If you’re a fan of French farmhouses and vintage-inspired decor with a relaxed vibe, this is a nice option to draw inspiration from!

Small Entryway Idea With Bench

White hooks seamlessly blend into shiplap walls, while a rustic narrow bench adds charm and functionality. This design keeps the small space organized and clutter-free, without skimping on the charm. It’s proof that style and practicality can go hand in hand, even in small entryways!

This French country-style entryway idea in almond whites and rustic accents is a fantastic design for small spaces. The wall-mount organizer shines with practicality and flair in almond white, while hooks and shelves tame clutter. A potted plant sits on top of a charming bar stool, adding to the country flair.

If you think you need a grand entrance to make an impression, think again!  With the right elements, a small entryway can impress any guest and serve as a practical spot for your everyday life, just like in this example. Hooks on the wall next to a shoe storage cabinet that blends with the white shiplap walls. A small rope stool, and hanging woven jute baskets add a bit of rustic contrast to the neutral color scheme of this design.

Entryway Table Ideas Coastal Farmhouse

Want to go all out in your foyer? Think big! Just look at this entryway where a large country-style table is the entry console, accentuated by a tree trunk turned planter featuring a lush grass plant. The presence of a faux-rattan armchair, distressed white mirror, and coastal elements only highlight the space’s relaxed and rustic charm more. A white console table against a striking geometrical white and blue pattern creates a dramatic focal point in this entryway.

Sophistication takes center stage with the bamboo round mirror and the chinoiserie vase adorned with lush greenery. Coffee table books gracefully displayed on the console table and a woven basket under it add the final touch, crafting a bold and impactful entryway.
If you’re tempted to add a busy wallpaper in your home, dressing your entryway with one is a great start!

Turning the entryway into a charming and compact mudroom, the custom storage cabinets in this entryway tidy away coats, shoes, hats, and bags. The bench is just as functional, in this case, used to display a floral arrangement and a stunning basket that only adds to the charm.

white shoe console, hooks, small stool and baskets in a entryway ideas
Lakeshore Designs Houzz

Here’s another delightful twist on the mudroom-meets-entryway concept, that’s just as functional as it is gorgeous.  Building the storage around a window, the bench effortlessly pulls double duty as storage drawers. Hooks and shelves work their magic, ensuring a tidy and organized space. Adhering to the rule of three, a charming group of pillows graces one side of the bench, introducing pops of color and texture for that extra dash of charm.

Pinterest entryway ideas - decorative image

As we can see in these entryway ideas, you can spruce up your entryway into something striking…no matter the size!
I hope these examples and design concepts have inspired your creativity to transform your entryway into a stunning and functional space.

Happy decorating!

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  1. Inspiring. The subtle pops of color against the white..and what to do with an old tired straw summer hat..hang it on a hook!

    1. Yes Lori, love that idea of straw hats on hooks too!