Easy Early Fall Table Setting Ideas

It’s coming…and I have a little secret to share. Fall is my favorite season to decorate for 🍁🍂🍁 even more so than Christmas! Autumn brings about that warm and cozy feeling that makes me want to nest. Wrapping up in a soft and luxurious throw while drinking a cup of something warm and reading quietly is truly pure bliss. Self care is so important and creating an atmosphere that allows that is key.

cozy fall reading

To start setting up my home for fall I’ve put out some of my velvet pumpkins and dried flowers and can’t wait to share more from this autumn’s bounty with you soon! But for today, let’s dive right in. I’ve even baked a cake for the occasion!

The Pioneer Woman at Walmart Shabbyfufu

Fall Bucket List Entertaining

Can we ever have too many dishes ladies? I think not and white or cream dishes should be on everyone’s fall bucket list! 

fall bucket list white dishes from the Pioneer Woman line

This Lace 12 Piece Dinnerware Set in LINEN is stunning and affordable. It’s pretty enough to use for any special occasion and is so affordable!

fall table with chinoiserie

The details are intricate and  it’s not a harsh white…rather a cream vanilla shade. I’ve paired the Farmhouse Lace 12-Piece Dinnerware Set with the perfect color for this fall bucket list tablescape…PLUM, with these  16-Ounce Embossed Glass Tumblers creating a nostalgic appeal.

Gold flatware and these cute, cute tasseled napkins along with a beaded charger that I already had complete the setting.

Walmart Pioneer Woman bucket list for fall

Did I tell you how elegant this dinnerware is? I did, and I know that you’ll love it as well! 

The centerpiece of the table has an affordable wood dough bowl filled with fall Chinoiserie pumpkins that I made (tutorial here).

affordable white lace dinnerware

I baked a delicious vanilla cake with edible flowers to celebrate our older daughter’s birthday! Included are a couple more pieces to add to your fall bucket list!

Walmart Pioneer Woman fall bucket list

cake with edible flowers fall table setting shabbyfufu







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  1. Wow what a collection she has! I need to check out Walmart when I am there the next time. Your table looks amazing with those blue and white pumpkins. Just gorgeous Janet.

  2. What a great collection of stuff! I am crazy about her small kitchen appliances (they remind me of a far-more-accessible – read less expensive – version of the Dolce & Gabbana kitchen designs! I also like her spatula designs – isn’t it funny the things that attract us? I have some fun colors of spatulas from Williams & Sonoma – but none of them have graphics on them! LOL Sadly, my Instant Pot does have graphics; however, it’s only because I got it on sale and it’s a replica of R2D2 from Star Wars LOL. I keep it hidden in the pantry. I also love the tasseled table runner – but as I have (ahem) THREE beaded tabled runners that I still have never used in – well, I’m not sure how long, but I got them from Pier 1 and they’ve been out of business over a year! LOL. SO, I don’t think I’ll be buying one of Ree’s in the near future. LOL

    I’ll have to check out her line of stuff though if I go into Walmart. Ours is one of those huge mega mart Walmarts and I do everything in my power to stay as far away as possible LOL. It’s the proverbial zoo…complete with all those customers you see in those “Walmart shopper” memes!

    Your table is stunning. I bet lemonade in those goblets would make the glass look like garnets! I need to get a dough bowl. I have an antique one that I got a hundred years ago – but it’s too big to actually use as a centerpiece. I fill it with German silvered glass ornaments on a table in the entry at holiday time. You’ve given me the impetus.

    And – fall is okay – but nothing – NOTHING – beats Christmas decorating here LOL…except maybe Hallowe’en!

    Thanks for sharing all the goodies. Have a terrific week!

  3. Oh my word, what a beautiful collection. Everything is so timeless and filled with character too and you definitely know how to make it all work together, Janet. You have such an amazing way with decor. Your home looks like it jumped straight out of a glossy magazine.

  4. I love your bucket list; I’ll have to add a few of these to a bucket list of my own!

  5. I had no idea how many choices and patterns there are from the Pioneer Woman collection. There are so many amazing choices for any style. Thanks for sharing and inspiring me to visit the collection soon. So gorgeous!

  6. Decorate & More with Tip - Terrie says:

    I don’t have any type of collections, thanks for sharing. So many beautiful options.

  7. A time to relax..that is fall to me. Your spot on Janet!
    Soft rose touches with beautiful creamy white dishes awwww…so pretty! I do wish I had a reason to decorate my table. No family here. My pups wouldn’t appreciate it so much..unless there were treats involved:0)
    The tiny cake stand in that shade of soft green adds a bit of color..I love that.
    I’m always scouting FB marketplace for cake stands…has to be some grandmas out there that have grandchildren who wouldn’t appreciate them so they just sell them, right?!! Fingers crossed!
    Let’s go fall!!

    1. I love fall…although we don’t ever have even a touch of fall weather here! Thanks Lori for stopping by today