French Fall Decor In The Living Room

French fall decor in the living room with my Fall Home Tour part II today! It’s all part of the high end/low budget decorating style that I’ve been sharing with you online for over 20 years now! Be your own trendsetter and decorate with elegance and individuality! Reuse, repurpose, buy new, purchase old and mix up styles. I’d love to show you the ONE THING that inspired me to create this look!

The sunlight is streaming in first thing in morning that I set up to take some photos and it gives the living room a glow! I love how this is the first room that you see when you enter our home. It’s due right actually, with the view straight ahead into the dining room and then past to the pool and garden.

fall French decor in the living room

The straight ahead view to the world beyond is what sold us on this house years ago! The living room was another matter and in general the house was a neglected 1962 disaster of a fixer upper. Some day I need to go through the old photos and share, but you can see a bit more of our journey HERE.

This year’s French decor in the living room though was inspired by ONE THING. Nature! As nature here is so different than most of the country it’s not the fall foliage of the Smoky Mountains to our north. One of my biggest decorating tips is to find one UNIQUE THING that sets the tone for your room. Don’t do something because it’s trending!

The typical things to use from nature for fall decorating
  • MUMS

French decor in the living room dried palm leaf

It’s the land of palm trees and what better to inspire me than my own backyard! This 10 foot tall palm frond had fallen off from one of the palm trees on our property. With a few days to cook in the sun on the ground, I grabbed it from the trash pile. After checking for bugs (all good) I brought it inside knowing just what I would do. It’s the inspiration for my fall French decor in the living room, and a great way to not only bring the outside in…but muted fall color.

French decor in the living room dried palm leaves

Pulling back for a full room view with a typical softly muted palette that is soothing to the eye. I have used pale blues, soft sand tones, and a little bit of grey. The oversized dried palm frond is the only real bit of nature currently in the room, but that could change with the season.

French decor in the living room fall home tour shabbyfufu

Curves are one of the things that draw me to French style furniture. I love the legs on this vintage French tufted sofa! When I spotted it at least 10 years ago in a thrift shop I grabbed it! It was so inexpensive that I could afford to have it professionally recovered. Yes, you can live with white furniture (slipcovered) and I talked about it more in this post – How To Live With White In A Casual Home.

*I just wanted to point out that I do try and link the sources at the bottom of my own decorating posts. When the item is vintage I will link similar items when I source them! If things are sold out or unavailable, feel free to leave a comment and ask for help or email me and I’ll do my best. You can also go the SHOP page here – SHOP MY LOOKS & FAVORITES.

5 Tips – French Fall Decor In My Living Room

  1. Save money on purchasing florals by keeping a nice supply on hand of faux flowers. Yes…these are faux and could be used for any season! I get most of my faux florals HERE.
  2. If you find yourself decluttering or downsizing collections, keep or purchase some Chinoiserie pieces that are timeless and uplift your decor scheme a few notches on the elegance scale. 
  3. Use a tray to gather or corral your decor pieces and keep things neat. Have several on hand in different colors and even textures! I’ll link some favorites below.
  4. For fall, consider a collection of fabric pumpkins. There is an initial outlay to spend but you do save in that you’ll use these yearly. I’ve been collecting velvet and metallic pumpkins for years and cannot wait to bring out the bins every fall!
  5. Finally, use pieces for something other than their intended purpose. I’ll explain what I’ve done below, but search yard sales and thrift shops for things that catch your eye!

French fall decorating for fall

The pumpkins in this bowl are faux (see the CHINOISERIE DIY HERE) and the bowl isn’t a bowl at all! It’s a vintage crystal French beaded dome ceiling light cover and I’m had several of these for years. They just make me happy and they are pieces I use in every season to add a bit of French chic decor to the living room!

French decor fall living room

Metallic tones of gold, brass, champagne, silver and all others add warmth to a home for autumn. These faux pumpkins with real stems are my favorites for French fall decor in the living room!

metallic pumpkins

This brass and glass coffee table is a favorite, allowing the rugs that I switch with the seasons to be seen. Rug rotation is a good way once again to save money and make your home have variety for the seasons.

french fall decorating living room shabbyfufu

Velvet pumpkins with real stems and some candles warm up the mantel. I’ve repeated the luxe look of velvet in some throw pillows as well.

velvet pumpkins with real stems

So it’s up to you to decide if you want to take the plunge and go for adding some faux fall to your decor! If you enjoyed the French decor in my living room, don’t forget to check this post as well for more ideas – European Rustic Decor For Fall!

shabbyfufu living room fall 2020


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  1. Love the palm frond. Nothing better than using things from your own back yard!

    1. Most of the palm fronds that I find fallen are a dry color, but this one was such a gorgeous waxy brown color!

  2. Miche Ortega says:

    Just gorgeous, Janet! I love all of the fall inspiration. Stellar, as usual. Thanks so much.

    1. Thanks Miche…hope you enjoy your day!

  3. Mavis Kirsch says:

    Love the muted color scheme, so beautiful and inviting. Soft and cozy. I’m inspired to try softer colors. I always tend to go for earthy and rich textures. However my dream house is an English cottage with your color scheme. Thank you so much, now, I know I did not stumble upon you by accident. MK

    1. Cozy indeed Mavis and your home sounds so lovely!!

  4. I love the soft color scheme, fireplace, furniture and furnishings. The only thing I’m not sure of is the palm frond because it competes with that gorgeous mirror. Maybe if it was on the other side of the fireplace? Still a beautiful room, though.

    1. Thanks Lizzy! The palm frond had to be leaned up to the right because of the way that it was, so unfortunately I didn’t have a choice. Have a great weekend!

  5. Nydia Ramos says:

    I love everything about this room. So cozy and relaxed yet elegant at the same time. ❤❤❤

    1. Thanks so much for letting me know that Nydia!

  6. Love your autumnal touches! The palm frond and those luxe and charming pumpkins are the perfect seasonal nods.

    However – those sconces! I wish I had a place for them. I can almost always find a place for a table lamp – but wall sconces are a real problem. They would be terrific in the bathroom – but I’m definitely not into have those walls torn apart for installation LOL.

    Lovely post, Jane … as always! Thanks for sharing.

  7. No palm frond…..but I have so many of your other suggestions. I collected real pumpkin stems for years and have made so many velvet pumpkins. They are insanely expensive and soo easy to make. And gorgeous gifts. Adding a little jewel, fabric tie, feathers, etc always adds sparkle. Faux flowers are my obsession and I have baskets of them in my studio, sorted by color and ready at a minutes notice. I also have vintage light covers, just stunning ornate glass in muted shades of pink and beige. They don’t have a flat edge so I have them on plate hangers on the wall. Great idea to use to hold items.

  8. The whole room is beautiful and I love the palm frond!