French Farmhouse Style Fall Bedroom – Easy Ideas

In this post I’m sharing how a few simple updates gave our bedroom a cozy French farmhouse style feel. Plus, a hack that you’ll learn to bring in some European farmhouse charm that is budget friendly and so much fun!

french farmhouse fall bedroom shabbyfufu

I’m not one to add much fuss these days to my home and try to keep things simple. If times tend to change us over the  years, I think that we are finding joy in the uncomplicated. Perhaps with that we shift to feel less overwhelmed and to make more purposeful decisions in everyday life and in our homes.

Shabbyfufu - Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

I take some lessons from our animals. To live in the moment, play every day and enjoy the journey! Pets are such great company, although Bartley is no longer with us and has crossed the rainbow bridge. Our other pets are constantly by my side, which I love. But I digress, as this post is about decorating.

French farmhouse style bed

There are several new pieces in our bedroom, and you can see what it looked like until today in THIS POST. With the colors that I choose to accent with for autumn, they are soft with an ode to European farmhouse. A suggestion of color that is soft and honestly a bit difficult to pick up in photos!

French farmhouse style fall bedroom decorating guide

It started with the French farmhouse style painting above the bed, which isn’t a painting at all! More on that in a minute, but I’m loving the softly muted earth tones in this pastoral French countryside theme. It picks up the fall colors that I’ll be accenting with this season. Pale blue with soft peaches and greens that are rustic, but toned down.

My decorating mantra has always been that you can have an elegant home without much fuss or great expense. That’s one of the reasons that I started my blog, going over 18 years now. To guide you with some of my tried and true ideas, captured in styling my own homes.

European farmhouse style bedroom


French Farmhouse Style Bedroom Decorating Guide

  • French farmhouse style decorating is chic and cozy, not fussy. With the bed being the centerpiece of the room, going for something like a linen headboard allows you to showcase a variety of bedding colors.
  • Linen is quintessential not only in furniture coverings but on the bed, with linen sheets and coverlets the perfect for cool fall nights.
  • Add texture to the bed with nubby pillows in soft colors for autumn. On my bed I’ve placed one velvet throw pillow and two pillows made from carpet remnants.
  • Be on the lookout for rustic reclaimed wood furniture.

French Farmhouse Finishing Touches

  • Other touches here include the pastoral art, empty French frame and natural dried flowers. All easy, low cost and simple accents!

French farmhouse style pastoral painting

The painting is a replica of a vintage French oil painting that I lusted for online. I grabbed the image and had it reproduced inexpensively at Easy Canvas Prints. I have an entire post on reproducing artwork that you might find helpful – Free Art Images (The Inside Scoop)
My feeling is that as long as you are doing this for yourself and not to sell, it’s fine to grab images off the internet. More about that in the post above.

dried flowers French farmhouse style

The dried flowers are arranged casually in a concrete vase. Perfect for a French farmhouse style fall, you can dried flowers in all colors to your heart’s content at my favorite source –  Find The Best Faux Flowers & Stems HERE!

rustic European farmhouse bedroom decor

*TIP* Shop your own home! I’ve had this pair of old sage green flea market benches for probably 20 years now.

French farmhouse style bedroom design

They bring in that simple somewhat primitive look.

dried flowers in a concrete pot

A good mix of old and new and honestly it took me about 15 minutes to swap out from summer to fall!

French Farmhouse Style Fall Bedroom - Easy Ideas

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  1. Miche Ortega says:

    Beautiful! I especially love the art and the benches. Great post.

  2. Bethany Smith says:

    Where are your nightstands from?

  3. I love those lacy lamp shades! Where are they from?

    1. Jan McNicholas says:

      Where are those lacy lamp shades from? They are gorgeous

      1. I had gotten them years ago from the Rachel Ashwell collection but I don’t know if she still carries them Jan.

  4. Ann Drayton says:

    I second Rhonda, love your lampshades. Love the colours in your bedroom. Fab job! Well done!

    1. Thanks Ann and I hope that you enjoy your day! xo…Janet

  5. Beautiful, peaceful room! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Love the lamp shade and of course the whites. Always enjoy seeing the pups.
    I’m learning that the fabric on the shade really has an effect on the light it gives out not just the bulb watts. I like the warmer shades in fall and winter but you do cut the light down a bit.

    1. I love these shades Lory and have had them for years! It does make a pretty but very subtle pattern.

  7. Tristan Robin Blakeman says:

    Janet, I know it’s been awhile since I’ve left a message – but I always read your posts!
    I had to comment on your fantastic bedroom upgrade! It’s just stunning – serene and peaceful and so beautiful! I’m particularly made about those terrific nightstands and those chippy blue benches (I tend not to get too swoony over chipped paint pieces, but these are just lovely!). ALSO those marble lamps and lacy-looking shades, as well as THE perfect accent pillows, are the perfect accessories. And, your canvas idea is such a good one! I must say, I’m fortunate – the only thing I don’t have to ‘cheat’ on is original art work – been collecting since my college years!
    As always, a treat to visit your home, albeit electronically!


    1. Tristan, I wondered where you have been and thanks for reading my posts! I really appreciate all of your thoughtful comments and “hanging out” with me over the years ❤️

  8. Hi there Janet
    Everything is so pretty.
    Can you let me know where I could purchase your headboard & footboard? Or something like it. I’m in the market of getting a smaller mattress, so now the search for a new bed also. Presently I have a king and I’m looking for something a little smaller.