Repurpose Flowers Indoors (That You Already Have)

I’m sharing several ideas today to repurpose flowers indoors that you already have. Whether they are flowers from the florist or your garden, find new ways to use them in this post!

repurpose flowers indoors from the florist

Last weekend was a double whammy with Mother’s Day and our anniversary. It was so nice to have 3 deliveries from the florist in one day. I don’t know if that has ever happened before! One (in the red vase) was a dozen red roses from my traditional gifter husband. The other two were from my sweet daughters…thanks girlies! After a few days when I was about to change the water I thought why not mix things up?

How To Repurpose Flowers Indoors – My Best Tip!

Oftentimes it seems that our floral vases don’t fit for our flower arranging needs. I have had these three Chinoiserie orchid pots on my mantel for a couple of months now. Sadly the orchids were no longer in bloom, so it was time to move them. Did you know that orchids are air plants? Check out my post on How To Grow Orchids On Trees! I grabbed the pots after removing the orchids and placed jars inside to hold the flowers.

repurpose flowers indoors chinoiserie orchid bowl

After filling the jars with water, I stabilized them with plastic grocery bags! Save those plastic bags from the landfill and reuse them when you repurpose flowers indoors!

repurpose flowers indoors

Then I clipped and arranged my flowers, mixing the colors to coordinate between all three pots.

repurpose flowers indoors French provincial style living room

I think that they look so pretty and you could easily do a similar and repurpose garden flowers indoors…if you have them.

repurpose flowers indoors mantel

My French provincial living room has come to life with color!

french mantel with floral arrangements

Red really isn’t my preferred floral color. I created a separate arrangement with some of these and am enjoying them on the kitchen island. Repurpose flowers indoors by spreading out the florals in different rooms!

red roses in a red quilted vase

What do you do with your flowers after they have passed their prime? There are so many ways to repurpose flowers indoors, from creating art, new scents and even eating some of them!

Informative & Fun Tips For Repurposing Your Flowers

  • Make a cake look beautiful with flowers! Just make sure that you know your source is organic like my favorite place to get gorgeous roses – Find them HERE (you will not be disappointed!) Read my CAKE DECORATING IDEAS with flowers!
  • Flowers can be such a beautiful and tasty addition to food! I have a collection of 23 DRIED EDIBLE FLOWER RECIPES for you to ponder. My own favorites are using in salads (and as cake art).
  • Don’t stop at potpourri and add dried flowers to self care products! Here are some that you might enjoy creating at home in SIMPLE SELF CARE PRODUCTS TO MAKE.
  • Dry your flowers and repurpose your flowers indoors in displays and creative projects, like this DRIED FLOWER CHANDELIER.
  • My friend Ann of On Sutton Place has an article about creating Pressed Flower Art that you might find useful.

If you need/want/crave PEONIES…my friends at Petal Driven are the place! 

pink peonies in a chinoiserie vase


French provincial living room ideas with flowers

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  1. Love the arrangements you designed! Such a wonderful idea, and I think your arrangement are much prettier than the florists!

    1. Thank you Jeanne…and they charge so much for them. I don’t get it sometimes, LOL!

  2. It’s glorious, Janet. You just can’t go wrong when you partner with nature and put a little thought behind the display. Your peonies always brighten my day, and what a mood lifter your blue and white is too! Wishing you a peaceful Thursday and a creatively-rich weekend ahead. It’s indeed an honor to be in any roundup graced by you (and someone is awfully brave/cruel thinking of me for a gardening topic…ha!).

  3. Hi Janet
    Isn’t it fun to see the florals in a different light? I love the blended bouquets they are so much more interesting! Thanks for sharing your tips and joining us. We always enjoy having you!

  4. WOW! The mantle looks great Janet……just the magic touch brings in such joy. Great tips too. Thankyou

    1. Thank you Linda…enjoy the rest of your day!

  5. That’s a lot of love that you have received lately! Your mantel looks so pretty! Happy belated Mother’s Day!

    1. In full disclosure it was my anniversary on Mother’s Day as well! Thanks Mary Ann for inviting me to join in!

  6. So pretty Janet! Your arrangements are gorgeous and you made them look much better than when they arrived. Love the chinoiserie jars! 😉


    1. Some of the florists really don’t do as good of a job as we do I’ve found, lol. Happy Birthday Sheila! xo


    1. Oh my!! Why doesn’t my cat do this…I have a service that has to come instead!! Thanks for stopping by Contessa

  8. You always find such a creative and lovely way to share ideas with us. I appreciate that so much! And I love what you did with the flowers and how beautiful they look in their new containers! Also, what a plethora of amazing ideas thanks for making me think outside the Box side the Box