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Spring! Celebrate The Blissful Awakening With Tips & Sources

Let’s face it. The spring season makes us all feel so good inside and brings a refreshing energy to the planet! Today on the blog I’m celebrating spring awakening by bringing the refreshing energy of spring indoors and giving both your home (and you!) a fresh new perspective with these tips!

coastal spring decorating ideas

Spring is here or on the way depending upon where you live. I’m actually in San Francisco at the moment and the cherry blossom trees are blooming!

Cherry blossom tree in San Francisco

When seasons change there is an energy shift around us that makes us crave a change of scenery. As any other interior design enthusiast and decorator, my home is my scenery! I love reflecting the seasons’ hues and textures in my own home, and springtime is no different. Is one of those magical seasons that’s so vibrant and colorful that makes me want to refresh my surroundings even more! 

This time around, I’m feeling inspired by some of the colors I’m starting to see popping in around nature—lush hues of green, bright blues, and delicate pinks. 

So, today I’m sharing easy decorating ideas for spring and some of my favorite home accents and decor finds.
No need for a major overhaul! Sprinkle in some new accents to bring those lively spring vibes indoors and make your space as vibrant as the season itself!

Plus, If you like my fashion style, I’ve also included a few fashion finds I’m loving for the new season! 😉 

Spring Awakening – Home Accents for the Living Room

If you’re like me and you like to entertain friends and loved ones, you need to focus on your entrance and living room!

Make a statement right from the entrance with a vibrant spring floral wreath. You can hang it on your front door to welcome guests with a burst of seasonal charm, setting the tone for the inviting atmosphere within. 

After scouring the web for hours, I stumbled upon some beauties! This Forsythia wreath with delicate twigs, an adorable wreath featuring a mix of daisies in yellow, lilac, and pink, and a charming daisy and dogwood wreath are among the loveliest I found.

For home decor accents, focus on items that bring in that fresh and delicate spring spirit. A blush pink tray or one with a geometrical pattern in blue hues. You can also start adding some easter themed decor elements. Like these blue and gold marbleized faux Easter eggs, or an adorable checkered Easter rabbit figurine in blue and white

Floral arrangements are always a good idea, especially to welcome spring indoors!

Spring Awakening Decor – Throws Pillows 

Pillows are one of my favorite ways to inject a burst of spring vibes into my home! 

Swapping out your winter pillows for lighter and brighter ones instantly transforms the look and feel of a space, adding that touch of seasonal cheer we’re looking for.

There are so many options! For example, you can go with these that have a striking floral pattern in green and blue, or these pillows with a more watercolor-style pattern and mix in some solid-color ones like these in green

If you want something more playful, mix and match some patterns!

Something like these pillows with a ditsy print in a medium blue would go beautifully with these pillows that feature a more traditional farmhouse-inspired look but share similar color hues. Toile-printed pillows, plaid pillows, and even seasonal-specific pillows, like these easter-themed ones, are other pretty options to add to your pillow composition. 

Spring Awakening Decor – Throws Blankets

Throws are another fantastic option that works as a versatile accessory for transitioning your home into spring. 

Springtime is the perfect moment to bring out lighter fabrics and brighter colors, which not only keep you warm but also add beauty and texture to your home.

You can drape your throws on your sofa, your bed, or your favorite armchair. Personally, I love having a few around in each room to give that extra touch of color and coziness to my interiors. 

You can opt for solid colors if you prefer something more classic but make sure it has some texture to add more visual interest to your space.

Such as this crochet one in a lovely mustard hue or this one in a soft blue with a herringbone pattern. For something more eye-catching, I love plaid and Vichy patterns in unexpected colors like this fuzzy buffalo plaid one in sage green and this blue checkered faux-cashmere one

Similarly, your bedroom can also be updated to spring by replacing your winter bedding and going for options with nature-inspired motifs.

If you love traditional illustrations with a modern spin like me, you’ll love this delicate sage green set by Laura Ashley that includes shams, throw pillows, euro shams, and a comforter. This quilt set is also another lovely option with a gentle coastal vibe I love! 

Spring Awakening Decor – Kitchen Linens

Refreshing your kitchen linens is another small and budget-friendly way to welcome spring and create an impactful visual change.

You can choose vibrant colors and patterns for dish towels, placemats, and tablecloths to lift the mood in your kitchen instantly. Personally, I prefer to swap my linens for lighter fabrics with florals, botanical patterns, and seasonal motifs.

Tablecloths in floral prints, like this one and this one, table runners featuring gentle wildflowers or botanical illustrations, and Chinoiserie-inspired placemats are also options to keep in mind. These prints and light colors add such a delightful touch to your cooking space! 

After you’ve dressed your kitchen with your spring-inspired tablecloth, you can elevate your dining experience further with dinnerware! 

Spring Awakening Decor – Dinnerware & Appliances

There’s no need to start from scratch. You can pick some vibrant and colorful new pieces and mix them up with your more neutral dinnerware.

Go for glossy colored glasses in green and pink or revamp the theme of your dining table with a 12-piece dishes set featuring lovely lemon motifs.  

Something I’m just in love with is these appliances in a white and blue floral pattern. Aren’t these the cutest? They have such a classical but playful look! 

Spring Awakening: Fashion Picks

Step into the new season with fashion pieces that are as practical as stylish. My picks?

Easy-breezy lightweight fabrics and tailored cuts that not only flatter but keep you comfy and can easily be dressed up or down.

A midi a-line dress in navy, a relaxed-fit top for a laid-back choice in a trendy mustard hue, or a popover shirt boasting a delightful white and blue floral pattern. I’ve also added some pretty accessories to add that extra detail to neutral spring outfits, like these slide sandals in a colorful orange hue, this classy straw Panama hat, and these pumps with a square-toe design that makes them perfect for wide feet.

And there you have it – a curated guide to sprinkle your home with the magic of spring… and some spring fashion pieces!

I hope some of these simple tips and product recommendations inspired you to give your interiors a seasonal makeover. Let the spring awakening begin! 

Don’t forget to keep an eye on my Amazon StoreFront for more spring decor finds!

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