7 Creative Style Small Space Ideas: Maximizing Style

Wondering how to style small spaces? In this article, we’ll dive into some simple tips and tricks to maximize both space and style in small homes.

open concept studio featuring glss dividers as an example of style small space
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Styling a small space for maximum flair can be a bit tricky. You want it to feel like home, warm and welcoming, while also being practical and a reflection of personal style. But how can you do that when you’re dealing with little space?

Even though a cramped space throws some challenges your way, there are solutions! There are many ways to jazz up even the smallest studios, making them feel bigger, brighter, and super stylish.

Maximizing Style In A Small Space: Style Small Space Ideas

With just a bit of creativity, a couple of style small space ideas, some interior design magic–and voila! Your snug home becomes a decorating dream.

Curate Your Color Palette

If you have a small space, the best thing to do is to keep your color scheme neutral and light. I know…You’ve probably come across this advice many times, but there’s a good reason for it—it really works!

Kitchen room featuring windows and small bistro table as an example of Style Small Space Ideas
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Opting for neutral and light colors can do wonders in expanding your space and creating a bright room. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to ditch all colors. The idea is to keep the larger surfaces in neutral shades and then sprinkle in pops of color and patterns through accent walls, pillows, artwork, gallery walls, and decorative accents.

Small bedroom featuring accent wall as an example of Style Small Space Ideas
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You can also opt for using colors in specific areas to divide an open concept space, for example.

Another fantastic way to use color in a small space is to make a dramatic statement in smaller rooms like a powder room, a hidden corner, the entryway, or a hallway. This pop of strong color can make a room stand out and trick the eye so that it appears larger.

Powder room featuring colorful wallpaper as an example of Style Small Space Ideas
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However, you can explore your artistic side and play with colors while still enjoying the airy feel that neutral shades offer.

Use Reflective Materials (Mirrors)

If you want to go the extra mile, consider incorporating reflective surfaces to amplify natural light. The smart use of reflective textures helps to bounce light around the space, which gives the illusion of a more spacious area.

For more mirror ideas, check out my article on decorating with mirrors instead of art here!

Bedroom room featuring windows and small bistro table example of Style Small Space Ideas
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Mirrors stand out as both a simple and budget-friendly choice, bringing a charming touch to any room. Large mirrors in areas like the living room act almost like a new window, but you can also take advantage of their reflective quality in other rooms. Try hanging a single mirror or grouping a few in varying sizes on a wall, especially in the darkest rooms. It will instantly brighten it up!
*Designer tip – whenever possible hang mirrors so that whatever they reflect is a beautiful space or vignette. You’ll get more of a visual treat whenever you walk by that mirror!

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You can also play with glossy tiles and finishes, as well as metallic accents throughout the entire home to help add that extra bit of gleaming pizzazz.

Choose Multifunctional Furniture and Think Outside the Box

One fantastic way to really amp up the style in your small space is by choosing furniture that pulls double or even triple duty. When each piece serves multiple purposes, you not only reduce the total number of items needed but also guarantee that your space is just as practical for everyday life as it is stylish.

Opt for a chic cabinet that not only conceals your TV but also provides space for storing devices, boxes, and books.

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Storage cabinets can be essential elements when you design and style small space homes!

Instead of settling for a typical coffee table, think outside the box! Go for an ottoman with a handy storage compartment and top it off with a stylish tray. Alternatively, go for an acrylic or glass coffee table tall enough that allows you to tuck in a couple of small ottomans underneath, offering extra seating options.

Living room featuring traditional desk against sofa as an example of Style Small Space Ideas
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You can also push a console table against the sofa and use it as a desk.

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Or even mix the living room with the dining area to maximize the home as you begin to style small space rooms. This is especially fabulous when you are working on a studio layout!

Kitchen room featuring windows and small bistro table as an example of Style Small Space Ideas
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Style Small Space Ideas – Focus on Vertical Space

If floor space is a bit of a luxury, shift your attention upward and explore the possibilities in the often-neglected vertical space. Using vertical space helps both to create the visual illusion of openness and offers tons of style small space ideas.

Elevate and style small space rooms by playing with your curtains to give the illusion of higher ceilings! While there are various window treatments available, making a statement with your curtains is a fantastic way to make your small space feel more sophisticated and larger.

Bedroom room featuring windows and bed as an example of Style Small Space Ideas
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Here’s a tip: position your curtain rods higher than the window, and allow them to extend a bit beyond the edges. It’s a simple yet effective trick that not only adds visual appeal but also creates the feeling of loftier ceilings.

Build a tiny bookcase into a wall that has very limited space, as this tiny bedroom does.

style small space with a mixed media gallery wall

You can also arrange artwork vertically to draw the eyes upward, adding visual interest to the walls and creating a feeling of height in the room (add some mirrors to your gallery wall for the full effect!)

Living room featuring windows and a couch as an example of Style Small Space Ideas
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Dealing With A Cramped Bedroom

Swap out the regular bedside table lamp for something a bit more stylish and space-savvy, like hanging up a pretty pendant light or mounting one on the wall. This way, you can completely forgo a bedside table or use something small, like a little stool, to keep your essentials nearby as you style small space bedrooms.

Bedroom featuring windows and wallpaper as an example of Style Small Space Ideas
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Workstation Idea

Opt for wall-mounted desks or workstations. This will help create a functional and stylish workspace without sacrificing valuable floor real estate. And it looks so charming!

Alternatively you can build an office into a little used office, creating a “cloffice“.

Personalize The Layout With Dividers

Opting for partial glass walls is a smart move, especially in smaller spaces. In open-concept layouts, they serve as a fantastic visual divider, seamlessly outlining areas without obstructing natural light.

A room divider is great way to hide clutter in a small space or if (as in my home) you simply lack closet space. See the DIY tutorial for this rattan room divider for more info!

If you’re dealing with an older and dimly lit home, consider the idea of opening up walls or replacing outdated doors with glass walls or room dividers to usher in more brightness and give your home an airy feel. Another simple and delightful option? Create private spaces using curtains!

Bedroom featuring a bed and curtains as an example of Style Small Space Ideas
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This room divider breaks up the space in this stunning but small Santa Barbara house. See the full home tour here

Room divider in a small space home

Having a bit of a limited space doesn’t mean you can’t have a stylish home with character!

Just mix in a bit of practicality with your own style, and watch your cozy home turn into your unique version of a perfect home.

With these tips in mind, small spaces don’t need to feel limiting. Instead, you can turn them into a canvas to express your creativity! By blending these style small space ideas and practical tips, your snug home can effortlessly become a decorating dream!

Do you have any other tips? Let everyone know in the comments below!

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  1. I like the way space was used with color. The bed under the staircase caught my eye. I usually do not like so much color in one spot but, the color there is well balanced and serviceable.

    1. Hope that you learned a few tips from this post!