Traditional Style Home – Effortless Chic Renovation in Boston

Welcome back to a new edition of our home tour series! This time around, we’ll be touring a stunning traditional style home in Charlestown, Boston.

Preserving the architectural heritage of old homes is a heavy-duty task, especially when the style is as distinctive as Greek Revival row houses. But in today’s traditional style home tour, we’ll see a stunning example of this complex process done right.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

Traditional Style Home Renovation in Boston

Undertaking the intricate process was designer Kathy Marshall and the crew from “This Old House”. The outcome of the renovation project is simply perfect!

The unique architectural details merge with contemporary sensibilities and modern functionality. The result is a traditional style home full of refined elegance and character, with all the comfort of modern times. 

The renovated interiors pay reverence to its historic roots while seamlessly weaving in contemporary practicality. The result is a stylish and comfortable traditional style home that allows the distinguished period details to truly shine.

The entrance captivates with Delft blue doors accented by brass hardware. As we walk in, we can see the space marries classic elegance with whimsy through its curated color story and globally inspired furnishings. 

Complementary colors add balance and pops of color, like the muted yellow walls balance and the bold red Asian-inspired console table.

The foyer reveals a new secret door leading to the basement. Bathed in a vibrant, glossy orange hue, the walls behind it make the fruit-themed oil painting pop, drawing the eye toward this focal point.

The kitchen is one of my favorite rooms in this traditional style home! The antique drop-leaf table suits the little breakfast nook beautifully, don’t you think? 

The cheery pattern of the upholstered bench adds a pop of color that complements the stylish blue-green kitchen furniture. 

The white opal glass pendant lights introduce a touch of glamour to the space, their warm brass finish beautifully complementing the glossy golden hue of the faucet and hardware. 

These thoughtfully curated details add depth and visual interest, elevating the kitchen to a sophisticated yet practical space.

In the living room, a soothing color palette of sage green and dusty pink works as a serene backdrop for the eclectic mix of furnishings and decor. 

The plush rust-colored sofas and vibrant floral armchairs replicate the same cheery vibe felt throughout the home. Antique artworks in gilded frames and ceramic accents lend a touch of classic elegance, while the bold colors and patterns inject a bit of modern flair.

With natural light filtering in through the draped windows and dressed in calming sage green tones, the bedroom is a dream.

The wooden sleigh bed, topped with white bedding and vibrant pillows, takes center stage. Like in other rooms of the home, artwork and vintage-style elements add to its timeless charm.

Awash in rich raspberry tones, the living room is a vibrant space full of character. The deep pink walls create a striking backdrop for the eclectic mix of furnishings and artwork. Plush, earth-toned sofas and armchairs offer inviting seating, complemented by patterned pillows and cozy throws. 

Artwork and antiques add to the historical essence, while the black marble fireplace and sculptural lamps contribute to the room’s grandeur. 

The renovated bathroom is a luxurious yet practical room for a traditional style home .

Crisp white wainscoting sets off egg yolk yellow walls, while an Essex tub and hexagon marble floor enhance the opulence feel of the space.

The powder room is a captivating display of how modern and traditional elements can work together. 

The vibrant lime green and turquoise floral wallpaper exudes contemporary flair, while the ornate lavatory and vintage hardware lend classical elegance, creating a captivating juxtaposition.

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What was your favorite room in this home tour? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. House of color! What a beautiful home.

  2. What a cozy house. That bathroom wallpaper is spectacular and fits the space perfectly. Though they used rich colors for their pop colors it blends nicely. Is there a rule on using darker pop colors? Thank you.