10 Simple Ways To Find Joy & Spread Happiness

These are certainly troubled times, but attitude can truly make most things more pleasurable when you’re self isolating. In this post you’ll find 10 simple ways to find joy and spread happiness each day! 

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It’s said that with the experiences of age comes wisdom. How many of us say “if I only knew then what I know now”! I’m definitely am much more in tune with living a fulfilled and happy life these days. Although I wouldn’t mind knocking the years back a bit if that were possible it would be with the knowledge that I have now. How do I find joy and happiness in the day to day, even with the world situation of a pandemic being downright frightening right now? I think that it basically boils down to attitude and gratitude and growing through the hard times. Living in the present, even if it’s not exactly how we think the plan should go. Find simple joy and spread happiness in the everyday. Be the day that you want to see.

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10 Simple Ways To Find Joy & Spread Happiness- For You

  1. Get Out There – Be out in nature if you can and if not, open a window and let in the fresh air. It sounds simple enough but basking in the simple pleasure of the outdoors does wonders for the soul. While technology allows us to carry on virtually it is escalating anxiety with it’s access to information and misinformation as well. Get off your chair (and Facebook) and sit on your porch listening to the birds sing and nest. Pure joy!
  2. Work It Out – Exercise. Some of us love and some hate it. I’m somewhat in-between with actual working out, but a long walk is my favorite thing to do first thing in the morning. It clears my head and gives me so much inspiration. Some of my best blog articles are thought up while walking in our little forest! If you can’t get out then just 15 minutes of yoga along with some meditating can get your day started right.
  3. Do Something New – Have you always wanted to try a new hobby or perhaps learn a foreign language? When you are distancing yourself socially you might have the time to finally try something new, so go for it! Perhaps you’ll find a new passion? Find a purpose to your days!
  4. Cook Something New – This is something that I’ve been doing and I hope to share details soon. My husband and I have recently made a pledge to embark on a vegetarian diet, so my cooking is changing! We want to stay as healthy and medicine free for as long as possible. Our love of animals has also pushed us this way. One of our daughters does a lot of at home meal planning and prep. She’s shared some favorite recipes that I hope to share with you.
  5. Go Back To Childhood – It’s likely that none of us wants to be ten years old anymore. But think back to your childhood. What gave you intense joy to do? What lit a fire under you and made your innocent spirit fly? For me number one was always crafting things, making things and painting things. Lots of things…every day! I’ve recently shared more DIY crafty posts with you like THIS ONE and THIS ONE. Recognize your soul’s purpose!

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If you are indeed looking for something new to try, how about improving your photography? I’ve just published a 30+ page eBook that I think you’ll find very helpful! It covers the basics of styling and taking better shots with your camera or smartphone.

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10 Simple Ways To Find Joy – For Others

  1. Check In – Have you called an old friend or even emailed them recently? Some folks are lonely right now, so spread joy and happiness with a quick “hello, how are you doing”?
  2.  Help Out – When in quarantine we may feel helpless and not sure how to help others. With so many businesses having to shut down right now, consider helping share on social media. Consider your favorite bloggers and content creators, who provide everything for free. We are losing our sponsors who are pulling back spending and ad revenue is down. This is what many of us do for a living, a full time job! Please visit your favorite bloggers and websites as often as you can.
  3. Send A Gift – Make something for someone that you care for and mail it. If you’re not the crafty type you can find lots of inexpensive handmade goods on Etsy and have it shipped.
  4. Donate Locally – Places like the Goodwill donation center still seem to be operating around here. Clean out your closet and do some good. Do you know someone in need of toilet paper, soap or paper towels and have some to spare? Then you know what to do, I’m sure.
  5. Order Take-Out – With restaurants closing down, many are still staying open for take out and delivery. So important to help them out if you’re a regular and tip big!

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Sharing this…If you’re cleaning and disinfecting your home, click HERE for the COVID-19 resources guide from the CDC.

“Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.”
Marcus Aurelius Antoninus



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  1. Susan Pussilano says:

    Very very nice post. Considerate and uplifting!!! Thank You and Be Well.

    1. Thanks for letting me know that you liked this Susan! Stay well and calm!

  2. Thank you for thinking of others during these challenging times! I do believe the more we surround ourselves with positive thoughts the easier we can deal with adjusting to the changes. Your posts was a delight to read. Thank you and stay safe!

  3. Patty Green says:

    Janet — this is SO timely! Honestly, I don’t think we can be reminded enough to find joy in things. I started writing down three things I’m thankful for last month. The littlest things can make such a difference too — it’s amazing! <3

    1. So glad that you enjoyed this and a good reminder in hard times. Be well Patty!

  4. Janet,
    I love the post!
    Great advice and we should be outside enjoying the spring flowers and the birds singing!


    1. I’m so glad that you did Robin. Focusing on the positive is the only way to be!

  5. Margaret Robinson says:

    This is such great advice, especially for those who are grumping around. Sometimes you just have to take the reality for what it is and do what you can (and obviously you are doing that). In California we are somewhat isolated from each other, but that’s okay as this too shall pass. New ways to do things and re-discover life around the house and yard.
    Thanks for the uplifting blog and it’s appreciated!!!

    1. Grumping around…perfect, LOL. It’s all in the attitude and I hope that this helps, as the rest of what I try to bring on this blog!

  6. joanne cosh says:

    pix of flowers and practical words make my day.
    Thank you.

    1. I’m so glad to hear that Joanne…be well.

  7. Wonderful post Janet! Thank you for being such a kind and reasonable inspiration! I’m still working, but your tips are great under any circumstances. And I really appreciate the link to official concrete information. I love your blog and all that you do daily to make our lives better in so many ways! 💗💗

    1. Thanks so much Barbara…please stay safe and healthy out there! xo

    1. Thank you Shirley and I wish the same for you!

  8. Odessa Graham says:

    Hi Janet, and thank you for being the upbeat and creative person you are. I always love to catch up with you and see what you have to surprise us. So you are spreading a lot of joy around all the time! Stay healthy, enjoy the vegetarian life, and God bless you!

  9. You made me happy with the picture of flowers & and the pink bottles of Rose Lemonade

    1. Awww, glad to make you happy!