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100 Amazing Holiday Centerpiece Ideas

It’s time to bring the holiday cheer to the table and there’s no better way than with a show-stopping centerpiece from one of these 100 centerpiece ideas for the holiday season!

There’s something magical about gathering around the table, especially during the holiday season.


Whether it’s a cozy family dinner or a celebration with friends, the heart of the holidays is often centered around our table.
And what better way to enhance these moments than with a captivating centerpiece that steals the spotlight?

In this blog post, I’m sharing a curated collection of 100 Centerpiece Ideas for the Holiday Season.
I’ve selected DIY projects, expert tips, and product recommendations that will give you tons of inspiration for dressing up your table this holiday season.

From the warmth of Scandinavian hygge ideas to traditional displays – there’s a centerpiece idea to match every style and occasion on this list. Let’s start, shall we?

100 Holiday Centerpiece Ideas

  • Arrange pillar candles of varying heights right in the center of a wreath or a bed of greens for a timeless centerpiece.
  • Fill a rustic tray with pinecones and place a few candles in the mix for a simple and nature-inspired centerpiece.
  • Create a centerpiece with an assortment of red and green apples, pomegranates, and oranges for a fresh and vibrant look.
  • Fill mason jars with fresh or faux holly, berries, and greenery, arranging them in the center of the table. 
  • You can also add fairy lights and flowers to your mason jars, like in this easy tutorial


  • For an aromatic touch, place potted rosemary, thyme, and other aromatic herbs in ceramic pots as a centerpiece.
  • Use miniature gingerbread houses and arrange them on a tray, placing them right in the center of the table- It’s such a whimsical idea for a Christmas centerpiece!
  • Create a classic and vibrant centerpiece by placing a cluster of poinsettia plants in a decorative container. If you prefer something more glam, get this candelabrum that comes with pre-lit lights and three candle holders.
  • Turn around wine glasses, place LED tea lights inside, and cover them with small wreaths for a glowing and enchanting display.
  • Paint pinecones pink, add red berries, and arrange them in a bowl for an unexpected pink and red-themed centerpiece. Use my tutorial to paint your pinecones the right way!
floating garden centerpiece
  • Hollow out a log to create a candle holder, place it on a festive table runner, and surround it with greenery.
  • Display an assortment of vintage ornaments in a glass bowl or on a tiered tray for a nostalgic centerpiece.
  • Create miniature winter scenes in glass terrariums, featuring tiny bottle brush trees, figurines, and faux snow.
  • Arrange floating star-shaped candles in a shallow dish filled with water and festive accents for a magical centerpiece.
  • Wrap your flameless candles with festive ribbons and secure them with decorative pins for a sophisticated centerpiece.
  • Spruce up last year’s centerpiece! Add fairy lights and swap the base for something more in tune with the look you want this year.
  • Spray-paint pinecones gold and arrange them in a circle around a candle for a glamorous centerpiece. 
  • Use floral foam blocks inside vases and bowls when arranging your centerpiece elements.
  • Fill lanterns with a mixture of fake snow, small ornaments, and LED candles for a cozy winter scene.
  • Place LED pillar candles in frosted glass hurricanes and wrap them with greenery.  For something already made, get this set!
  • Choose a specific theme or color palette to tie your centerpiece together.
  • Place candles, small figurines, or ornaments on large wood slices for a rustic and natural centerpiece.
  • Turn around champagne flutes and place ornaments inside for a modern and stylish centerpiece. You can even add a candle on top, for a more dramatic look.
  • Create a tablescape arranging faux greenery and placing leftover ornaments in the same color palette. You can layer gold-gilded foliage and tea candles for a more dramatic look.
  • Take a cake stand and center candles at different heights with twigs around them. This is a simple but visually striking centerpiece idea!
  • Arrange gold-painted reindeer figurines with greenery and ornaments for an elegant centerpiece.
  • Craft a forest of small felt Christmas trees in various colors and arrange them on a tray or plate. If you like the look but don’t have the time, get this one with a similar style at Pottery Barn.
  • Play with varying heights of decor items to add dimension and visual interest.
  • Looking for a centerpiece to warm up your decor? Fill lanterns with string lights and pinecones and place them on a tray.
  • Fill a wooden box with a mix of pine branches, pinecones, faux greenery, and flameless candles for a rustic centerpiece.
  • Brighten your table setting with a colorful centerpiece of candlesticks in pretty colors! Think pink, blue, red, and pastel green.
  • Re-wrap old candle holders or vases with new ribbons or fabric to match your current theme.
  • If you’re looking for a centerpiece idea that’s budget-friendly and easy to do, give this striking vegetable charcuterie centerpiece a try! 
  • Create a centerpiece using bundles of dried lavender in a rustic pitcher or vase for a touch of Provencal charm. Group them in 3 for a more impactful look!
  • If you want something utterly elegant but easy to do at the last minute, consider grabbing a chinoiserie vase and filling it with greenery and a pillar candle. 
  • Gather old glass bottles in various shapes and sizes. Fill them with single stems of flowers for a simple and eclectic centerpiece.
  • Create a chic floating garden centerpiece with a copper jam pan for French country style following this tutorial.
  • Lay a toile-patterned table runner down the center of the table and arrange vintage candlesticks with taper candles for an elegant touch.
  • Incorporate distressed metal lanterns with pillar candles and add eucalyptus sprigs for a romantic and weathered look.
  • Repurpose an old wooden crate to hold a collection of hydrangeas in varying shades for a rustic and textured centerpiece.
  • Got flowers past their prime time? Repurpose them and incorporate them into a centerpiece, just like I show how to do it in this tutorial. 
  • For a whimsical table, forgo traditional centerpieces and instead, fill up vintage teacups with flowers, greenery, and a tapered candle. You can group them or spread them around the table to create a magical table setting!

Arent these centerpiece ideas amazing? I definitely feel inspired to try a couple of these tutorials. How about you?
Share your favorite centerpiece idea in the comments below!
Happy decorating!

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  1. No fancy table to dress but I enjoyed the post. Such great ideas and I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    1. It doesn’t have to be fancy…some of these are quite simple Lori! Enjoy your week