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Summer Decorating Ideas And Details- HOME TOUR

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Today I’m sharing summer details and decorating ideas in my own seasonal summer home tour! Are you nostalgic about those carefree days of childhood when school was out and there were little responsibilities other than being playful outdoors? Then let’s bring a bit of sweet summer straight into our homes with some of these visuals to inspire!

50 summer decorating ideas

Summer Decorating Ideas & Details!


One of the easiest ways to give a room seasonal style is to change out the rug! Most of us are fans of area rugs and you can not only use on a wood or tile floor, but layer on top of carpet if that’s what you have. We have a stone look tile in the main areas of our home. I just treated myself to this jute look area rug that has the look of sisal or jute, without the issues. Bonus points for this one, as it was less than $100! It also has a non-slip backing and works so well on tile or wood. I highly recommend it!

faux sisal area rug - shabbyfufu


While we are in my living room, let’s talk trays! It’s all in the details and when you corral them on a tray then all the better. This rope is one that I have had for years now and it makes an appearance every summer. My first line of defense in decorating is to SHOP MY OWN HOME! Just look around yours and see what you can bring out to give a seasonal look.

50 summer decorating ideas


If you have a garden, see what you can clip to display! It wouldn’t be a summer decorating ideas and details post without some palm leaves from my own! Side note that I scored the huge green pottery vase a few years ago at a local yard sale for $5. The green porcelain covered jar was made by me back in my days as a potter (yes, I was a potter MANY years ago!).

green pottery for 50 summer decorating ideas


Without being too obviously coastal (no Margaritaville please!) think of adding something fishy to your summer decor. Find this striking large koi ginger jar here. If you’re anything like me then you might be tempted to mingle it into your stylings year round!

large koi ginger jar


This wicker or rattan vase (similar – linked) is filled with faux florals. What could be easier for summer!

wicker vase


I love blue as an accent color and it’s carried throughout our home. Lately I’m drawn to green as well with simple touches like a book or a piece from my Bordallo Pinheiro collection scattered about! Note the rattan cask, which is a vintage find. The peacock feathers are some that I have collected from the molting of the wild peacocks in our neighborhood. They shed them every summer season!

summer vignette

7. REDO & REPURPOSE – summer decorating ideas DIY

Have you thought about perhaps repurposing a piece of furniture that you already have? This piece was made into a bar and you won’t believe →  how it looked before! I pushed the envelope here and as a result have something completely new.

50 summer decorating ideas bar cabinet


A large piece of art in summer tones makes quite a statement in any room. This is from several years ago and I’ve since swapped out the mirror on the mantel behind it for the French mirror on the floor.

large art


This painted vintage roll top rattan desk was a favorite Facebook Marketplace find and it’s dressed for summer! It lives in a corner of the living room and comes in handy for an extra place to work. The colors of the sea and sand in summer details are perfect here. See my post on buying & selling on Facebook Marketplace HERE!

50 summer decorating ideas


The foyer is sometimes an overlooked space and one that I wanted to bring importance to in this summer decorating ideas and details post! A foyer or entryway is the first room as you enter in a home, therefore it should set the tone for your style. For summer, simply keeping it pale with these ginger jars and gold pagoda lanterns makes a quiet statement.

Foyer table with ginger jars


As in the book that serves as a riser, strive for simplicity in decor and you will never go wrong. This oversized vintage clamshell is filled with Japanese fishing floats. I found mine here.

oversized clam shell with fishing floats


I must confess that I’m a chair collector, although I’ve been thinning out my collections recently. This is the summer set and the more formal French dining chairs have been put in the shed for now. BUT…you don’t need to have a second set of chairs, simply one will do and you can place it anywhere! A rattan chair is light and airy for summer decorating and you can often find them at tag and garage sales. I scored this set of painted vintage rattan chairs on Facebook Marketplace. Then I changed out the seat covers for a pale blue Crypton performance fabric. The dining table was also a FBMP find and you’ll find one of my furniture painting DIYs HERE. It was ready for the trash before and I’m so glad that I rescued it for just $10 + the cost of paint!

summer details home tour

13. Summer Decorating Ideas & Details

In contrast, I thought I’d toss this in here for the visual of adding plants to the decor for summer. This is “the garden cafe” room at my daughter’s San Francisco house.

bohemian garden room


Take advantage of seasonal blooms at your local markets when looking for plants. In my area orchids are inexpensive and often 2 for the price of one in the summer. I’ve grouped them on this rattan tray. A simple touch like a tassel adds another layer to the summer details. You will find the tassel here and lots of other beautiful summer decorating ideas and details in my Amazon Shop.

orchids in dining room


The things that make a house into a home are the things that you love. It makes no difference if your home is large or small, grandiose or a condo or a rental apartment. Simply infuse pieces that you collect without going overboard. Mix and mingle both new and old and look to repurpose vintage finds or just add them in here and there. In this summer styling (from some years ago) I layered a vintage tablecloth that was my grandma’s with the other pieces that you see. Family pieces add nostalgic charm or replicate the look by shopping estate sales and rescuing others.

layering vintage tablecloths


I briefly showed you a seashell (the BIG one!) up above. Being a true Floridian I’ve collected seashells for decades and below is a little DIY project with paint. You’ve probably seen all of the buzz on blogs with napkin decoupage (see this one in Chinoiserie), but I decided to simply swirl several shades of blue and white craft paint for the look below. Then I painted the rims with gold paint (you can also use gold leaf – as in this post) and sealed with an acrylic sealer. These can be used in table settings filled with salt or just displayed!

seashells for summer decorating

17. More Sea Shell summer decorating ideas & details

In this post from the archives you’ll learn how to make these same shells into candles. These petite details are perfect in a summer inspired table setting and you can make them for your guests to take home! Bonus…no skills required!

sea shell candle diy


Create vignettes utilizing vintage bottles for a summer feel.

Bottles in summer decorating

Don’t have or can’t find any vintage bottles that you love? Make your own, as I show you in THIS POST!

summer decorating ideas details with bottles


Collect vintage baskets from the thrift shop. They are generally easy to find! Fill them with flowers by adding jars inside with water.

summer decorating ideas details with baskets


From the archives…a pair of vintage blue benches carry the colors that I love way back into the primary bedroom. Although I no longer have the benches in this space, I do still have them and use them on the patio for tables! These were flea market finds that I doubt I will ever part with. Buy what you love, decorate with colors that you hold dear and carry the themes from room to room.

Vintage blue benches in summer decor

From the sea…up on the bedroom mantel are some tattered sea fans that I found on the beach here years ago. My vibe is definitely a mix of coastal and French style and it just works for me with more blues.

interior blue shutters


You simply cannot go wrong with whites in bedroom for summer. In this post from the archives the bedding is all white cotton and linen for the coolest of feelings at night. Sadly, since this was taken a few years back one of our Cavalier King Charles Spaniels had passed away. We miss our Bartley boy every day!

cavalier king charles spaniels Shabbyfufu.com


Some of my rather unusual collections are displayed in the family room for all to enjoy! Pieces have more meaning and depth in groupings, so think of this when you create your own summer decorating ideas with details. Here I have some vintage clocks on one shelf along with old decanters on another. The framed silhouette is of our daughters when they were children. Each shelf has a souvenir brought back from France on some of my many trips abroad.

family room shelves with vintage wallpaper shelves

This grouping of vintage stained glass has been on a wall of the family room for years and still speaks volumes to what we love!

summer decorating ideas details family room


Several years ago we renovated the laundry room (see that post here) and I went bold with the wall tile shown! The vintage paint by number is a tropical scene and works well just sitting propped on the quartz shelf. As the seasons change, so too does the art! Hence, you can accent with artwork in your summer decor if you prop it up on it’s own or with a free standing easel.

laundry room with vintage art

We also have a gallery of FREE PRINTABLES for our subscribers here on the blog and there are some pretty seasonal prints to download! You can subscribe directly under this post or look for the pop – up!


Our own primary bathroom had been updated a few years back…see that post here. A few tips on creating your own sanctuary for summer…change out the towels to a spa blue color, add a garden stool in white and don’t forget at least one candle and a plant!

white marble bathroom

25. BRING NATURE INSIDE – A Summer Decorating Designs & Details MUST!

In conclusion of this post, I encourage you to bring nature inside with art work! This is a framed Chinoiserie wall panel that we made in a DIY post. See that here! You can find art work anywhere…I have a post here on Where To Find Free Art Images and another if you’d like to attempt to make your own canvas beach art by copying me, lol! And finally…if you’d like to get some additional art I have a gallery of FREE PRINTABLE ART WORK that I created for subscribers only, and you’ll find a link to subscribe on the bottom of every one of my blog posts!

DIY Chinoiserie framed wall panel

Thanks for joining me today and please visit Yvonne below!

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  1. Thank you Janet for your lovely home tour . I am reading it in bed with a nasty flu in what has been a bleak and grey winter in Melbourne . Usually our winter is like California , but not this year . I am not a summer person , but I so loved all the freshness that you have created . Just what I needed !

    1. I’m so glad that you enjoyed it and hope that you feel better soon Angie! xo

    1. Good morning Susan…it’s a warm and sunny one here! Thank you so much for taking the time to visit and leave a comment. ☺️

  2. JANET, What a gorgeous home and such wonderful decorating ideas. You are a true artist! I love what you did with shells. Painting them is brilliant! Your home is beautiful and airy and exudes a pretty summer vibe! Thanks for pairing up with me, friend!

    1. Thank you so much Yvonne…always means a lot when you stop by! xo

  3. Ann Drayton says:

    Gosh Janet, I love today’s post. Lots of lovely ideas to inspire us.
    Thank you for sharing.

  4. What a fabulous post. Picked up quite a few tips to use in our beach house. Thanks so much!

  5. Mikki Parker says:

    You have a beautiful home. Thanks for the tour

  6. I absolutely loved and enjoyed today’s post of your home. I wish I had the skill to duplicate your table. Of even more interest were the framed chinoiserie wall panels. I went to the link you provided but could not find enough source information to order the exact ones you used. (Maybe I missed the specifics.). Can you give me more information? Many thanks.

  7. Deb❤️ says:

    Oh my goodness, sooo many great suggestions. Where to begin??? Although not my style at all, those little painted seashells are cute as can be. And I love the idea of making candles out of them. However what tugged at my heart the most was your salute to Bartley. 😢
    Thanks so much for sharing your talents and your heart with us.

  8. Ruth Newton says:

    I love all the summer touches you added to your home. I’ve always loved the white/blue combo for summer. It feels so fresh and clean.

  9. Ellen Sorce says:

    I love changing things up for the different seasons. You gave me a great reminder – the entryway, which right now still looks winterish. I was thinking about it, but you gave me the kick in the butt to do it.

    Thank you!

  10. Love the post. So full of ideas and inspiration. Love the fact that you take found objects and make them beautiful.

  11. Those sweet corbels in the entry way! So pretty! I’ve been trying to add some wicker and lighten up my rugs. Summer is here! Thanks for the enlightening post today Janet!

  12. Sharon Kindall says:

    I love all the seasonal/beachy touches! The blues and greens with neutral undertones are just beautiful!! Editing is where I have trouble, especially now because I have so much of my mom’s things here since she passed away recently. That is my challenge!

  13. Good ideas for summer decor. I really like rattan trays when I can find them at a good price that is.
    Light blue glass and sea shells…a reminder I need to find mine…
    Bartley has to be missed by his sweet sister..hard to lose them.

    The art work in front of the mirror on the mantel…inspiring thought as I can’t move my mirror easily that is there and it’s so high up. I’ll give that a try.

    1. It’s really summer here now Lori and I’ll try and post more ideas as I restyle things around here. Enjoy your day!

  14. What a beautiful post! I really liked so many of your ideas, especially the sea shells with blue paint and gold trim. What a gift that would be for someone! I am going to try that soon.

    1. Thanks TJ, hope the craft goes well for you. It’s an easy one!